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Enthought Organizational Changes

Exciting things are afoot at Enthought. We’ve recently made some changes to our leadership structure to accommodate our current and anticipated growth. While these changes will probably not be too noticeable to the open source community, we thought it would be good to use this forum to keep people up to date and to congratulate our folks on their new roles.

The leadership team at Enthought now consists of the following exceptional individuals (and me):

Eric Jones will be taking over the role of CEO and will continue to direct the vision of the company.

Travis Oliphant is our new President–directing the day to day operations of the company. In addition to his operational duties, Travis will continue to be our primary liaison to the open source community, and will head our internal and external training efforts.

I (Travis Vaught) will take on the CFO/Chief of Marketing position in order to optimize our fiscal strategy and formally focus on expanding Enthought’s marketing efforts.

Dave Peterson will continue in his role as the Director of Software Engineering–managing our service work, software process and infrastructure. Additionally, Dave will be the Product Manager for the Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) which will be released soon.

Peter Wang is our new Director of Technical Architecture. Peter is expanding on his role as the Architect of the Kiva/Enable/Chaco stack to include the whole of our application frameworks–Traits, Envisage, etc.

We’re excited about these changes and we’re looking forward to the great things we’ll accomplish with this team serving our employees and the open source community.

Best Regards,

Travis N. Vaught

Enthought svn repository commits re-enabled!

A bit longer than planned, the block on check-ins to the ‘enthought’
repository is now lifted. Everyone who had check-in privileges prior to
the block being set on Monday should again be able to check-in.

The new project structure is in place and the PackageTools project can
succesfully check-out full sets of ETS projects as follows:

* ‘etsco trunk’ — gets the project versions defined as dependencies in
the latest version of ETS (currently 3.0.0b1) Most, but not quite all,
of these were previously under /trunk in the old structure.

* ‘etsco “ets==2.6.1b1″‘ — gets the project versions that correspond to
the in-progress updates to the ETS 2.x series. All of the updated
projects were previously under /branches in the old structure.

* ‘etsco “ets==2.6.0b1″‘ — gets the most recent full release of ETS,
corresponding to the eggs currently available in Enthought’s egg repo.
These were all tags previously, and they still are. 🙂

Some issues that still need to be addressed:

* Cross-project dependencies are not as minimal as we would like. Some
additional refactoring, as customer project schedules permit, will
happen over time to minimize these.

* There are a number of “extras” (in the setuptools sense of the word)
setup for the new projects. Unfortunately, the etsco command doesn’t
handle extras well at this time. I will spend time working to fix this
ASAP. In the meantime, things like ‘etsco Mayavi’ and ‘etsco
Traits[ui,wx]’ don’t do what we would hope.

* Running etsco re-crawls the whole svn repository each time you run it,
which means it can take awhile to run. We’ll work to providing a
pre-computed cache as soon as customer project schedules permit.

* The copy of the old trunk in /sandbox/trunk will disappear shortly,
and without any external notice outside of Enthought. Please do not
rely on this any longer.

Some notes or FYI’s:

* ETS 3.0.0b1, or the current trunk of each project, is not yet released
and has a bit of updating necessary to make all the parts mesh
together. This is pretty much unchanged from the old /trunk. I believe
we’re looking at more than a month, perhaps significantly more depending
on Enthought prioritization and community involvement, before this can
be released and we get the maximum benefit of the new repository structure.

* Based on earlier feedback on this mailing list, ETS 2.6.1b1 probably
gets dumped in favor of a new version number (2.7.0) as a result of
additional features added in enthought.tvtk and enthought.mayavi.
Prabhu and Gael indicated they’d be ready to release in about a month.

* The svn interaction scripts in PackageTools are, in theory, usable for
other repositories besides the ‘enthought’ repo. I’d be interested in
hearing about anyone’s experiences in that regard.

Please feel free to help improve things by submitting patches or
providing feedback!

Enthought svn repo re-org starting 12:00pm CST, January 7th, 2008

Happy New Year!
Enthought will be re-organizing the 'enthought' svn repository
( starting at noon CST, January
7th, 2008.   We expect this re-organization effort to take approximately
one day.
As of noon on the 7th, we will block commits to the repository while
doing the reorganization, and when commits are re-enabled, all project
source trees will have moved, so it is *STRONGLY* recommended that you
check-in any in-progress changes prior to this time.
The purpose of the changes is:
 * Reduce the number of projects in ETS.  This will be done by moving
packages around --  no functionality will be lost, just moved into new
projects.  Please see this wiki page for more details:
 * Switch from an ETS-wide viewpoint of the source to a project-centric
viewpoint.  There will no longer be a single 'trunk' containing the
in-development versions of all ETS projects; instead, each project will
exist at the root of the repo and have its own trunk, branches, and
tags.   We have attempted to create scripts to aid those wishing to
check-out the trunk of everything -- see this wiki page for more