Monthly Archives: January 2009

EPD works with Windows 7 beta!

I finally got around to installing with Windows7 beta last night, and was pleased to see the latest EPD installs. I then started up a customer application, and to my surprise, everything worked!

I only run 4 apps on Windows, IE (for Netflix), Python, Eclipse, and Google Chrome. Its great news that EPD seems to be okay, while Chrome is completely broken.

Thanks for the feedback on the previous post, I’m going to try Console on Win7 next time I boot into it.

Microsoft: What I really want in Windows7, but know I won’t get

Microsoft has been showing off Windows 7 for the past several months, and it looks like its coming along nicely (regardless of the ongoing public beta fiasco). Unfortunately, there are two very small features I’ve been wanting since, oh, 1995, that are still missing:

  1. A simple text editor. It doesn’t need to be extensible, or do code completion, but what it must do is indent, syntax highlighting and line numbers. Why, oh, why are we stuck with Notepad as the default text editor?
  2. A multi-tab capable console window. Oh, and make it resizable while you are at it. It would be extra nice if you fixed that god awful cut and paste scheme, but that might be asking for too much.

These two features are really aimed at developers and IT people, sure, but if you provide better development tools, better apps will follow. If Microsoft continues on their path, developers will abandon their OS. I know I have.

Intro to Scientific Computing in Python, Feb. 16-20, Austin TX

Enthought is offering “Introduction to Scientific Computing in Python” at our offices in Austin, Texas from February 16th to February 20th. This course is intended for scientists and engineers who want to learn to use Python for day-to-day computational tasks.

  • Day 1: Introduction to the Python Language
  • Day 2: Array Calculations with NumPy
  • Day 3: Numeric Algorithms with SciPy
  • Day 4: Interfacing Python with Other Languages
  • Day 5: Interactive 2D Visualization with Chaco

The cost for the course is $2500. Please see the course description on the Enthought website for details.