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Traits article published in February issue of Python Magazine

The February issue of “Python Magazine” has just been published and it includes an article on Traits!

The title is, Reactive Programming with Traited Python, and the tag is, “The Traits package provides explicit typing, reactive programming, and fast user interface development, which enable rapid prototyping of applications that scale up to a full-featured production implementation.”

You can see the cover and the blurb at , but you’ll have to buy the issue to read it.

I think it’s a great article that you should read, but I’m slightly biased since I wrote it.

Python for Financial Analysis, May 18-21, NYC

Enthought is offering Python for Financial Analysis (a.k.a. “Python for Quants”) in New York from May 18th to May 21st. This course introduces financial quantitative analysts to the tools available in Python for financial analysis. This course is based on our “Introduction to Scientific Computing in Python” course, but puts a focus on financial analysis in the examples and exercises. Enthought developed this course in response to requests for customized training from clients in the financial industry. The course will take place at the Learning Tree Education Center in lower Manhatten.

  • Day 1: Introduction to the Python Language
  • Day 2: Array Calculations with NumPy
  • Day 3: More on NumPy; Numeric Algorithms with SciPy
  • Day 4: Software Engineering Best Practices
  • Day 5: Introduction to Traits; Interactive 2D Visualization with Chaco

The cost for the course is $2500 per person. Please see the course description on the Enthought website for details.