Monthly Archives: January 2011

ETS 3.6 and github

Last week, we released the Enthought Tool Suite 3.6. John Wiggins made many improvements and bug fixes to Kiva, Enable, and Chaco. And thanks to Evan Patterson, the TraitsBackendQt now supports PySide (as well as PyQt4).

We are also happy to announce that immediately after the release, the ETS repository was moved from subversion to git, and is now hosted on github.

This new ETS will be included in EPD 7.0, which is Python 2.7-based and is scheduled to be released on February 8.

New Chaco feature: variable sized scatter plots

Variable sized scatter plots is a feature which was easy to implement, but Chaco had been lacking for far too long. Now you can create nice bubble charts, or whatever else you dream up. This was added at the last minute to the latest Chaco and ETS release, and I didn’t want to break anything, so its not yet integrated as well as I’d like it. Have a look at the example in advanced/ to see how to implement it in your own plots. There is a debate in the office if the screenshot is of Champagne or bubblegum bubbles, what do you think?

Experimental PySide support in ETS

Over the last couple of weeks I added support for PySide to the majority of the ETS packages, including Traits, Chaco and Enable. I have only tested personally with Ubuntu 10.10 and PySide Beta 1, but we’re beginning to test with OS X (Windows is next). With any luck, the next ETS release will have full PySide support, and the next EPD release will include PySide eggs.

Right now, to use PySide in ETS, you have to set an environment variable QT_API=pyside. I hope by the time ETS 3.6 is released we can ditch the environment variable, but I can’t make any promises.