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PyCon 2011 Wrap Up & Giveaway Winners

PyCon 2011We had an amazing time at PyCon this year. We saw a number of fantastic talks, but our personal favorites included:

When not taking in the talks, we were in the exhibit hall catching up with everyone and recruiting for several of our open positions. There, we held two giveaways. We’re now happy to announce the winners:

Registration for an Enthought Open Course

Winner: John Lien

Basic subscription to the Enthought Python Distribution

Winners: Ian Ennis, Gary Ditlow, Piotr Zolnierczuk, and Mike Mller

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to the PyCon organizers, speakers, and the many folks who stopped by to chat. We can’t wait for next year!

March Webinar: How do I… solve ODEs? Part II

For our Enthought Python Distribution Webinar this Friday, Warren Weckesser will continue his series on differential equations. We will explore two Python packages for solving boundary value problems. Both are packaged as scikits: scikits.bvp_solver, written by John Salvatier, is a wrapper of the BVP_SOLVER code by Shampine and Muir; scikits.bvp1lg, written by Pauli Virtanen, is a wrapper of the COLNEW solver developed by Ascher and Bader. If you missed Part I, or want to review it, you can find it in the EPD webinar archives.

Enthought Python Distribution Webinar

How do I… solve ODEs? Part II

Friday, March 4: 1pm CST/7pm UTC