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PointIR – Multitouch with Python (PyCon 2008)

Ive just uploaded a video from Peters presentation about the multitouch prototype that he and Dave Kammeyer and Robert Kern have developed over the past few months. It not only showcases what a few brilliant guys can pull off in their spare time, it shows the power of the open source tool stack that they used to get it done (Numpy, Scipy, Kiva, Enable, Chaco, Mayavi, Traits, Pyglet, to name a few).

PointIR in action

The full version is here:There’s a shorter version of a portion of the demo here:

A stroll through Kiva, Enable, and Chaco

In the past I’ve put off writing documentation for Chaco and Enable because every time I had faced the task, it seemed so daunting: there are over a hundred classes, a dozen different patterns and conventions, and so many areas for improvement and exploration. It frequently felt much easier just to work on code.

But I recognize that the situation is pretty dire, and something needs to be done about it. The reality of the situation is that the only way this documentation will materialize is if someone actually sits down and writes it, and this someone is basically going to have to be me, along with much-appreciated help from Janet. I’m going to take a slightly different approach, though. In the past, I’ve been stumped by the question of organization and structure; this time, I will just talk about all the pieces that comprise Enable and Chaco and essentially narrate a tour of the packages, without trying to outline a detailed structure beforehand.

Doing this as a series of blog posts makes the task seem somewhat less daunting, and it also allows for reader feedback as I’m writing things up.

So let’s get started!
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