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LFPUG: Python in the enterprise + Pandas

Over 80 people attended last night’s London Financial Python User Group (LFPUG), with presentations given by Den Pilsworth of AHL/MAN, Eric Jones of Enthought, and Wes Mckinney of Pandas fame. It was an evening filled with practical content, so come on out for the next meetup if you are in town (or for drinks at the pub afterwards)!

The agenda for the evening:

1. “Moving an algo business from R and Java to Python”, Dennis Pilsworth, AHL, Man Group
2. “Financial data analysis in Python with pandas”, Wes McKinney
3. “Fostering Python Adoption within a Company”, Eric Jones, Enthought.

Den presented a case study of how his firm introduced Python into production and ensured that “network distributed” deployment worked quickly enough to ensure good local response time with out overloading the network. He also discussed visualization and pointed out native Python tools need some work to remain competitive with the R user’s sweetheart, ggplot2. He graciously acknowledged the role Enthought’s training played in getting things rolling.

Wes Mckinney discussed the latest Pandas developments, particularly the Group-by function. A number of attendees were interested in potentially using this functionality to replace Excel pivot tables. Make sure to check out Wes’ new book, “Python for Data Analysis.”

Eric Jones discussed how to get Python adopted in the face of opposition, featuring some of the classic objections (e.g. “Python is too slow”).

LFPUG meets  roughly every other month, so look us up on LinkedIn and keep an eye out for the next meeting!

London Financial Python Users Group

We’re pleased to announce that Enthought has launched an informal Financial Python User Group in London.

Over the last several years, the Python/Numpy/Scipy toolset has steadily grown in popularity among quants. It now plays an important role in the trading and visualization systems throughout the financial industry. A number of London-based quants, traders, and other financial professionals have asked Enthought to set up a “Financial Python” user group.

Beginning in November 2009, Enthought will organize a monthly event where people can meet and discuss Python’s use in the financial sector (best practices, new technologies, etc.).

If you’d like to be informed about the details of these events, please contact me: or join us on the LinkedIn group.