Enthought Canopy 1.3 Released: Includes Move to Python 2.7.6

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Enthought Canopy 1.3 is now available and users should see the update notification in the bottom right corner of the Canopy welcome screen (as shown in the image below). This is a fairly small update primarily focused on bug fixing and stability improvement. The biggest change is the move to Python 2.7.6 from 2.7.3.

Enthought Canopy Update Available Notification

The bottom right of the Enthought Canopy window notifies users to available updates

Python 2.7.6 rolls up a couple of minor updates to the core Python environment. The most important changes from our perspective are a number of security fixes required by some users as well as fixes for Mac OS “Mavericks.” Details can be found in the Python release notes, but in general the change should be transparent to most users. The only caveat is for users building Python eggs with native C or FORTRAN extensions and publishing those eggs to users who may still be running earlier versions of Canopy or Python 2.7.3 in general. In this case, it is safest to continue building against earlier versions of Canopy.

But isn’t updating Python versions painful you may ask? In the past, yes, updating to a new Python version often required a new Python install and then re-installing all of your custom packages. However, with Canopy’s auto-update mechanism, it’s simply a matter of clicking the “Update available” link and choosing “Install and relaunch” or “Install after quit.” Canopy will automatically update the core Python installation and restart without impacting your environment. Additionally, whether you are running Canopy 1.1, 1.1.1, or 1.2, Canopy will jump straight to 1.3 and get you all of the latest updates.

We encourage all users to update to Canopy 1.3 as the 1.2 and 1.3 versions include a large number of stability fixes as well as cleaning up a lot of other less serious, but still important aspects of the user experience. For those new to Canopy, you can get Canopy here.

Enthought Canopy makes Python updates convenient

Enthought Canopy makes updates convenient with automatic downloads that install without impacting user environments

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  2. dxdcn:

    Today I update to 1.3, but there are errors when run after updated.
    error code is shown bellow
    (http://help.canopy/welcome.html) WSGI Proxy “Server” Error.
    ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xb0 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128)
    my OP system is windows 7 pro, and I checked wecome.html in notepad, no error fond.

    What’s wrong is it?
    http://help.canopy/ local server configured right?

  3. whenov:

    same error here

  4. cooka:

    to me, a modification on line 255 of “xxx\AppData\Local\Enthought\Canopy32\App\appdata\canopy-\Lib\mimetypes.py” fixs this issue.
    add the following lines, like

    if sys.getdefaultencoding() != ‘gbk’:
    default_encoding = sys.getdefaultencoding()

  5. cooka:

    of coz, my op is somehow mixed with gbk encoding, it may be another encoding on your op.

  6. Jonathan March:

    Thanks for the reports (and @cooka’s sleuthing), and apologies for the trouble. This looks like a non-US locale issue. (e.g. gbk = legacy encoding for China). We will look into it; meanwhile, you can try changing your Windows locale setting to US.
    –Enthought Support

  7. Jonathan March:

    If any of you have the time to assist by providing some diagnostic information, please email support@enthought.com, subject line
    WSGI Proxy “Server” Error Diagnostics.


  8. Jonathan March:

    Update: We’ve discovered that this regression is due to an old unfixed unicode-handling bug in Python 2.7 itself, when users have non-ASCII characters in some registry entries. The bug is fixed in Canopy 1.4 (due next week).

    Meanwhile, you should be able to fix it manually. In file


    on both lines 250 and 272, change UnicodeEncodeError
    to UnicodeError.

  9. Jonathan March:

    Correction: that’s C:\Users\your-username\AppData\…

  10. kyle:

    >> Meanwhile, you should be able to fix it manually … on both lines 250 and 272,
    >> change UnicodeEncodeError

    Great. This fix above works, thanks.

  11. Omega:

    Hi, I am a new user. I just checked C:\Users\your-username\AppData\Local\Enthought\Canopy\ But unfortunately I only have 2 sub folders: ‘System’ and ‘User’. I think I have this problem because I use win7 X64 pro EN, with German and Chinese(GBK) additionally installed. Error message is here:(http://help.canopy/welcome.html) WSGI Proxy “Server” Error.
    ‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xb0 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128)

    Thank you very much!

  12. Omega:

    Hi! I finally find this file in C:\Program Files\Enthought\Canopy\App\appdata\canopy-\Lib\mimetypes.py. Now the error is gone, thanks.

  13. John:

    Thanks for th solution guys !!! Works like a charm now!

  14. zzy:

    Great! Same problem.Now it’s done.

  15. jun:

    Hi. Omega. Thank you for your report. I fixed my trouble.

  16. Imstrong:

    HI Omega, on my newly installed Canopy, the path is as below:
    C:\Program Files\Enthought\Canopy32\App\appdata\canopy-\Lib, but pretty similar

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