August EPD Webinar: How do I speed up Python?

Next week we’ll host another installment of our popular EPD webinar series. These How do I…? events feature detailed demonstrations of powerful Python techniques that we use to enhance our applications or development process. Participants are often invited to participate in the demonstration, and are welcome to join the interactive VOIP discussion later in the session. This is a great opportunity to learn new methods and interact with our expert developers.

Although only EPD Basic or above subscribers are guaranteed seats at EPD webinars, we invite non-subscribers to add their names to the wating list for each event. If there are available seats, you will be notified by next Thursday and given access to the webinar. Links to the waiting lists and upcoming topics are posted here.

Enthought Python Distribution Webinar, August 7 2009

1pm CDT (6pm UTC)

How do I speed up Python?

Python excels as a language for rapid development and interactive technical computing. Sometimes, however, the full speed of the machine is needed. Fortunately, Python is also an excellent “glue” language that allows simple integration to compiled languages. In this webinar, we will present a few of the methods useful for speeding up sections of code. In particular we will focus on weave and Cython. Weave is a sub-package of SciPy (scipy.weave) and allows seamless integration with C/C++.Sections of code that need to be sped up can be re-coded in C and seamlessly integrated into the remaining Python program using weave. Cython is a newer Python-like language which is compiled to an extension module that can be dynamically loaded into Python just like any other Python module. Cython also supports writing new built-in Python types and tries to compile loops to C-speeds when variable types are indicated. Both weave and Cython integrate well with NumPy which makes them ideal whenever you need to iterate and calculate with large amounts of data and can’t find a built-in (vectorized) approach.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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    Indeed, the webinar is this Friday, August 7th. Thanks for pointing that out , Alaric!


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