Almost lickable: SVG button editor in Traits

I’ve been working on implementing a SVG renderer in ETS for the last 6 months, a little at a time. We (Enthought) hasn’t really made much noise about it because it is still pretty lacking. One of the goals is to replace WX’s terrible icon rendering with something much prettier. Although this is still very much a work in progress, I think we’re close enough to start showing it.


Lets assume your users are all 18 years old and have perfect eyesight, these 32×32 icons are a waste of space, lets try 16×16

16x16 button demo

Or maybe your users are a bit, um, older

128x128 button demo

The code couldn’t be any easier, its essentially a drop in replacement for the Traits Button class. If you’re living on the trunk, you are able to run this demo from the Enable/examples/savage directory.

A note about the icons in the demo: They come from the Oxygen icon set, Creative Commons 3.0 for the licenses wonks. They should have more color, but the renderer currently only supports 2 gradient stops, and these have gradients with significantly more stops.

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