EPD for OS X: public beta available

I am pleased to announce that we have just made available our first public beta of the Enthought Python Distribution for Mac OS X! This is a universal binary (x86, PPC) for OS X 10.4 and 10.5. It contains all the same libraries and components as our other EPD platform releases, but does not yet contain the EPD documentation nor ETS examples. Those will be added soon.

You can download a trial, academic version, or make a purchase here.

Download and mount the .dmg, read the “EPD README.txt” in the root of the image, then run the “EPD.mpkg” to install. This will not overwrite your OS X system Python, nor a previous install of MacPython. It does install itself as the default Python on your system, but a few symlinks changes will allow you to control that. Uninstall instructions are documented in the “EPD README.txt”.

Please report any problems, comments, or suggestions on our EPD Trac site at https://svn.enthought.com/epd

About EPD
The Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) is a “kitchen-sink-included” distribution of the Python Programming Language, including over 60 additional tools and libraries. The EPD bundle includes the following major packages:

Python – Core Python
NumPy – Multidimensional arrays and fast numerics for Python
SciPy – Scientific Library for Python
Enthought Tool Suite (ETS) – A suite of tools including:
Traits – Manifest typing, validation, visualization, delegation, etc.
Mayavi – 3D interactive data exploration environment.
Chaco – Advanced 2D plotting toolkit for interactive 2D visualization.
Kiva – 2D drawing library in the spirit of DisplayPDF.
Enable – Object-based canvas for interacting with 2D components and widgets.
Matplotlib – 2D plotting library
wxPython – Cross-platform windowing and widget library.
Visualization Toolkit (VTK) – 3D visualization framework

There are many more included packages as well. Please see the complete list of the packages.

EPD is a bundle of software–every piece of which is available for free under various open-source licenses. The bundle itself is offered as a free download to academic and individual hobbyist use. Commercial and non-degree granting institutions and agencies may purchase individual subscriptions for the bundle or contact Enthought to discuss an Enterprise license. Please see the FAQ for further explanation about how the software came together.

5 thoughts on “EPD for OS X: public beta available

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  3. avatarMike

    This is excellent news indeed! Thank you so much.

    Just a couple of questions on the install location:

    1. Can we guarantee that overwriting the symlinks in /usr/bin won’t interfere with Apple code making use of the System python install?

    2. Where do you install non-python code and libraries that are required by packages in the EPD? For example, HDF5 for pytables, Fortran and FFTW for SciPy, Graphviz, freetype, zlib, lapack, etc.etc.

    Thank you again!

  4. avatarBill

    This is very exciting. However, am I correct that the the Leopard 64 bit architecture (x86_64) is not one of the supported architectures?

    I can compile python to be 64 bit under Leopard but not with numpy/scipy. This allows me to use Python for preprocessing and then use R/Matlab (beta)/Mathematica, which are now all 64-bit on Leopard, for numeric processing. In many cases, I would prefer to use Python with numpy/scipy, under ’64-bit Leopard’, if at all possible.

    Are there reasons why numpy and scipy can’t be used under Leopard x86_64? Or should I keep trying and hoping?



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