EPD for OS X released!

Enthought has released the Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) 2.5.2001 for OS X!

EPD is a Distribution of the Python Programming Language (currently version 2.5.2) that includes over 60 additional libraries. See this earlier post for more information about EPD 2.5.2001.

So what’s the big deal?

In addition to making everyones’ life easier with installation, EPD also represents a common suite of functionality deployed across platforms. The cross-platform promise of Python is better realized because it’s trivial for everyone to get substantially the same set of libraries installed on their system with a single-click install.

What’s the catch?

You knew it was coming, huh? If you’d like to use EPD in a Commercial or Governmental entity, we do ask you to pay for an annual subscription to download and update EPD. For academics and non-profit, private-sector organizations, EPD is and will remain free. Let’s be clear, though. EPD is the bundle of software. People pay for the subscription to download the bundle. The included libraries are, of course, freely available separately under the terms of license for each individual package (this should sound familiar). The terms for the bundle subscription are available here. BTW, anyone can try it out for free for 30 days.

If you have questions, check out the FAQ or drop us a line — email us any feedback as well.

And just one more note:
Enthought is deeply grateful to all those who have contributed to these libraries over the years. We’ve built a business around the things they allow us to do and we appreciate such a nice set of tools and the privilege of being part of the community that created them.

2 thoughts on “EPD for OS X released!

  1. avatarGrumpy Old Man

    For those which include C extension modules, are the .so files on MacOS X fully fat, or are they crippled to be only 32 bit? If 32 bit, then it is not usable when Python is embedded in Apache on 64 bit MacOS X, such as with mod_python or mod_wsgi.

    For notes on 64 bit and building C extension modules so they are fully fat, see Apple tech note.

  2. avatardpeterson

    You’re right, we only build two-way “fat” — 32bit for both Intel and PPC CPUs. We’ll look into building four-way but I’m not sure when we’ll be able to get to a release.


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