Exploring NumPy/SciPy with the “House Location” Problem

Author: Aaron Waters

I created a Notebook that describes how to examine, illustrate, and solve a geometric mathematical problem called “House Location” using Python mathematical and numeric libraries. The discussion uses symbolic computation, visualization, and numerical computations to solve the problem while exercising the NumPy, SymPy, Matplotlib, IPython and SciPy packages.

I hope that this discussion will be accessible to people with a minimal background in programming and a high-school level background in algebra and analytic geometry. There is a brief mention of complex numbers, but the use of complex numbers is not important here except as “values to be ignored”. I also hope that this discussion illustrates how to combine different mathematically oriented Python libraries and explains how to smooth out some of the rough edges between the library interfaces.


3 thoughts on “Exploring NumPy/SciPy with the “House Location” Problem

  1. avatarMichael Aye

    The stylesheet for this blog (entry?) has a weirdly small active zone for the given link, seems to be only a few pixels at the upper border of the font. Maybe only on Safari on the Mac?

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  3. avatarbmurphy

    With Safari on Mac, if I hover over the link and then scroll right, I get a scrollbar the covers a chunk of the link. Is that it? Otherwise it seems to work fine there.


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