PyGotham Sneak Peek: GPU Computing

Apr 30 2012 Published by under Conferences, General, New York, NumPy, Python, Video

This week, we are highlighting GPUs. Sean Ross Ross has put together a brief sneak peek screencast (above) of his GPU computing PyGotham talk that covers some basic terminology and a short example. The example ports a python/numpy algorithm to the GPU via CLyther. CLyther offers a higher level of abstraction that allows programmers to more easily leverage OpenCL and GPUs from Python. Again, don’t worry if some of the terminology is not defined, that’s what the talk is for! And in case you missed it, go ahead and check out last week’s Portable Parallel Python sneak peek.

Although new advances out of Intel, AMD, and Nvidia promise more seamless interaction between CPUs and GPUs, for the time being CUDA and OpenCL dominate the landscape. The learning curve associated with these technologies can make it a challenge to make effective use of your GPU assets. Sean will introduce you to heterogeneous computing, particularly with OpenCL, and show you how CLyther can help simplify your GPU life.

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