ETS 2.5 plans

We’re down to the last planned changes before publishing a release of ETS 2.5! The plan is to add and enable a set of dependency links that should enable someone to install any ETS project without downloading every other dependent ETS project egg. i.e. to install enthought.traits, I only need to manually acquire an enthought.traits egg. Basically, we’re putting into each egg’s metadata a few links to the web repo’s source and unstable source pages so that easy_install can download and install any dependencies you don’t already have installed or downloaded. Yesterday, I checked in an initial stab at this and had time to make one test by trying to install the ‘ets’ metaegg itself — without having any other ETS eggs available. Things got most of the way through until it got to Kiva which got a build error because it doesn’t build correctly using the standard setuptools build command (it requires a build_src and a few others to be explicitly specified — we’ll have to fix this somehow!) Other than that hiccup, we may be ready to go!