ETS 2.6.0 released!

I’m proud to announce that as of a few minutes ago, ETS 2.6.0 was released by being tagged in our svn repository and having source eggs (i.e. tarballs) uploaded to the Enthought egg repository at:

The biggest change between this release and the ETS 2.6.0b1 release is that we’ve fixed up most of the examples to run correctly, there are a few bug fixes in various sub-projects, and all the sub-projects have dropped their beta designation as well.

Enthought will now begin to kick off binary release builds for various platforms (Windows XP i686, OSX 10.5 x86_64, RHEL 3 x86_64) and publish the resulting eggs to the Enthought egg repository as soon as the builds complete. After these builds get uploaded, we’ll take a stab at updating the install instructions on the enthought wiki ( for the platforms we’re building for.

In addition, we would be pleased to host binaries built by you for other platforms — just ping me to get instructions on how to build appropriately. As the install instructions are a wiki, you can also help to craft them for these other platforms, or help to write up how to build from source. Thanks in advance for any help!

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