Datetime support in NumPy 1.4

Jarrod recently made a blog post that suggested datetime support might be removed from NumPy 1.4. While it is fairly likely that any NumPy C-API suport for the date-time modifications might not make it into NumPy 1.4, the Python-level functionality for datetime will be present at least to the level of what is already implmented and hopefully a bit more functionality will be added before release.

What is currently functioning is that you can define NumPy date-time types, view already-created arrays with that data-type, and then do simple operations. You can also get and set NumPy date-time arrays with Python date-time and date objects.

The biggest code that remains to be written is better coercion routines (converting back and forth between the other data-types and NumPy date-time and timedelta types).

My first attempt at doing this was sidetracked by the complexity of modifying the code-generation tools that create much of NumPy’s C-code.

There are 81 routines that need to be written that are currently handled by auto-generated code. A better templating code-generator for NumPy would be very helpful right now (instead of the specialized but less-flexible one I wrote when I wasn’t very aware of other templating engines and how they could be helpful).

Thanksgiving weekend is a great time (at least in the U.S.) to jump in and help with getting date-time support finalized in NumPy 1.4. I will be grabbing time between family gatherings and football games to try and get some code written.

Anyone who knows C well and a little bit about Python C-API can jump in and help.

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