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Disco/MapReduce Pygotham Talk

Many thanks again to our friend Chris Mueller for partnering with us at Pygotham. The video above is more of a screencast of his talk (it was clearer than the live-action video we have). FYI, we unfortunately do not have a recording of Mike Mckerns parallel python talk. Hopefully the pygotham organizers will release the video. Again, you can find the slides at this github repository.

PyGotham: In Their Own Words

PyGotham is officially over. Many thanks to all the volunteers and organizers for working so hard to make PyGotham a success! Many thanks as well to those of you who decided to attend the Enthought track. We hope we were able to help you solve at least a few of your GPU/Parallel Python/UI/visualization problems. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any follow-up questions. Finally, a special thank you to Chris Mueller for joining us as a special guest! Your Disco/MapReduce talk was great!

For those of you looking for copies of the slides etc, please stay tuned to this blog. We will be aggregating the materials and will provide a link once we find a home for them.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the brief recap video above. The featured researchers, Kate and Michelle, work on macro-molecular proteins at Columbia and are not married to or related to any Enthought staff (as far as I know). Enthought values its relationship with the academic community (come visit us at Scipy!) and we are always happy to see scientists using our tools.