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SCP August Webinar: SciPy 2009!

The Enthought office in Austin has been pretty tranquil this week as many of our developers are out at the 2009 Python for Scientific Computing Conference at Caltech. The tutorial videos got posted yesterday, and slides are being uploaded as well.

Keynote speakers included Peter Norvig and Jon Guyer, the SciPy 2009 BoF sessions covered topics ranging from Astronomy to Machine Learning. Needless to say, we expect there will be a lot to report back on! That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate next Friday’s Scientific Computing with Python Webinar to SciPy 2009.

Scientific Computing with Python Webinar: SciPy 2009

Friday, August 28

1pm CDT/6pm UTC

Register at GoToMeeting

Hope to see you there!