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March Webinar: How do I… solve ODEs? Part II

For our Enthought Python Distribution Webinar this Friday, Warren Weckesser will continue his series on differential equations. We will explore two Python packages for solving boundary value problems. Both are packaged as scikits: scikits.bvp_solver, written by John Salvatier, is a wrapper of the BVP_SOLVER code by Shampine and Muir; scikits.bvp1lg, written by Pauli Virtanen, is a wrapper of the COLNEW solver developed by Ascher and Bader. If you missed Part I, or want to review it, you can find it in the EPD webinar archives.

Enthought Python Distribution Webinar

How do I… solve ODEs? Part II

Friday, March 4: 1pm CST/7pm UTC

EPD 7.0 released

I am pleased to announce the release of the Enthought Python Distribution version 7.0. This major release updates to Python 2.7, Intel Math Kernel Library 10.3.1, and NumPy 1.5.1. Updates to many other EPD packages are also included. Please find the complete list of additions, updates and bug-fixes in the changelog.

You can find more information about EPD and download a free 30-day trial here.

Experimental PySide support in ETS

Over the last couple of weeks I added support for PySide to the majority of the ETS packages, including Traits, Chaco and Enable. I have only tested personally with Ubuntu 10.10 and PySide Beta 1, but we’re beginning to test with OS X (Windows is next). With any luck, the next ETS release will have full PySide support, and the next EPD release will include PySide eggs.

Right now, to use PySide in ETS, you have to set an environment variable QT_API=pyside. I hope by the time ETS 3.6 is released we can ditch the environment variable, but I can’t make any promises.